About Rev. Dr. Simon Muwowo
BTh, BA(Hons),MA, PhD

Dr Simon Muwowo is the Founder , President and & CEO of Shaping Generations Inc.

He is an Ordained Minister currently serving full time as a Lead Minister and Pastor of

the Burin and Epworth Pastoral Charges in Burin, Newfoundland, Canada. He is an

academic Scholar (specialized in Dogmatics & Ethics), a Reformer, Discipleship and

leadership specialist and a passionate teacher & preacher of the gospel. He has been

active in Pastoral ministry since 2004 and has served as a Minister in Zambia, South

Africa and Canada.

Simon has been Married to Majory Muwowo since 2007, and have four children, Peter,

Wanjiyulila, Divine-Grace, and Manasseh and reside in Burin, Newfoundland and

Labrador Province in Canada. As a family, and as and organization, Simon is committed

to the simple yet powerful mandate of being an everyday example of what it means to

be a true disciple of Jesus Christ in a changing world.

Dr. Simon Muwowo was born on 25th July 1977 in the Isoka District of Zambia,

Southern Africa to the late Shubert and Mirriam Muwowo, who served as lay Leaders

and Preachers in the ministry of the United Church Zambia. He got saved and became

a born again Christian in 1992 after watching a ‘Jesus of Nazareth Film’ during an open

air crusade. Years later he felt called to full time ministry. In 2000, he began studies at

the Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA) in Ndola, Zambia, to be equipped for

Christian ministry but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond control discontinued his

studies a few months later and joined the Gospel Mission Team (GMT) to spread the

gospel to selected rural parts of Zambia.

After his return, his passion for ministry led him to become engaged in a part time

weekly radio-ministry outreach broadcast called “the Fishers of Men in Kitwe which was

broadcast throughout the Copperbelt province of Zambia through a popular radio station

called “Icengelo”, while also serving as a lay preacher in his local Church. In 2002, he

felt the stirrings of the Spirit, once again, to rekindle full time ministry passion. In 2004,

under a sponsorship of United Church of Zambia, he graduated with a Christian Ministry

Degree from the United Church of Zambia Theological College in Kitwe, and a

Bachelor of Theology Degree from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.

He was licensed as a Minister of the gospel on November 28, 2004 and was later

ordained on June 4, 2007 after successfully completing his probational period at

Mununga United Church of Zambia in Luapula Presbytery.

His ministry experiences between 2004 and 2014 involved serving as an Ordained

Minister & Pastor in the United Church of Zambia in Charge of Mununga Congregation;

Chairperson of Kafulwe Consistory; Minister in Charge of St. Paul’s United Church of

Zambia; Chairperson of Mansa North Consistory; Board Chairman of Mansa Skills;

Board Chairperson and Co-Founder of Kolelawaka Foundation Trust in Isoka, Zambia.

Simon had also briefly served as a Tutor to the BA (Hons) class of the University of

Pretoria (2010) in South Africa and a University lecturer for the Zambian Open

University Luapula Region, Zambia (2011-2013) before he was seconded to the ministry

of the United Church of Canada in 2014 and has served the Burin- Epworth Pastoral

Charge since 2015.

Academically, Dr. Simon Muwowo has the following earned degrees

1. Bachelors Degree (BA): Christian Ministry- United Church of Zambia Theological

College- Kitwe Zambia- 2004

2. Bachelor of Theology Degree (BTh) – University of the Western Cape- 2005

3. Graduate Certificate (PGC) St. Stephen’s College- Alberta, Canada-2005

4. Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons)- University of Pretoria-2008

5. Master of Arts Degree ( MA) – University of Pretoria-2010 &

6. Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) – University of Pretoria- 2015

Because of his strong passion for Christian Discipleship and leadership development

Simon founded Shaping Generations Inc in January 2019 to share the love of Christ

and to mentor a generation of Christian and non Christian leaders for the transformation

of the world through the media. His mission is inspired by the writing of Paul’s letter to

Timothy as follows:

“And the things you heard me speak in the presence of many, entrust

them to reliable people who will teach others also” ( 2 Timothy 2:2)

Dr. Simon Muwowo is a seasoned world class public speaker with cross cultural

ministry experience in Africa and North America pastoring various Churches. He is a

regular preacher on Goodnews Television English Channel in India and the Zambia

National Broadcasting Corporation – ZNBC TV2 in Zambia.

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